Who Holds the Horizon?

“This ain’t training, trooper. This is the real thing. Those are real bullets and real bombs. This is war. If you want to make it through the next few hours alive, you better do exactly as I say and exactly as I do.” –Sergeant Rince Klebb, Baraspian 3rd Rifles, shortly before his death


The Imperium of Man, indeed, the whole human race, is on the brink of annihilation. Xenos threaten thousands of planets, chaos festers throughout the galaxy, and the form of man itself changes as mutations become more common. It is a time for action.

Within the Spinward front, dozens of worlds have severed their allegiance to the Emperor to declare themselves the Severan Dominate. They threaten nearby sectors, such as the Calixis Sector, because of their location along key warp paths. These heretics have forsaken the God-Emperor, forsaken humanity itself, and now they must be purged.

Use your lasgun in the Emperor’s name. End the nightmare that has engulfed the front, even if it costs you your life.


Who Holds the Horizon? is a campaign for Only War.

Who Holds the Horizon?

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