Scintilla's 1st

Scintilla’s 1st

Scintilla is the capital of the Calixis sector, home of the best and the brightest, or so its nobility would have you believe. Leading lives of comfort and plenty, these aristocrats often seek adventure in the service. Others join the guard out of family obligations or to help start a career in politics. Since they have never suffered from want, they have training of the highest caliber.

Scintilla’s 1st has been unwavering in battle for generations. A single platoon of the 1st turned the tide of battle during the liberation of Drusus 900 years ago, and the regiment has continued to excel from that day forward. Most recently, Scintilla’s 1st succeeded in flanking a Necron army 135 years ago in the Iox sector. Soldiers returned home as heroes just five years ago. The call has come again, to serve the Emperor in the nearby Spinward Front, and a new generation has answered. They are led by Col. Zetkin, a woman known to stay the course even in dire circumstances.

Characteristics: +3 to any two of the following: Fellowship, Intelligence, Weapon Skill; +3 Ballistic Skill; +2 Weapon Skill; -3 Strength
Skills: Common Lore (Administratum), Inquiry, Linguistics (High Gothic), Command, Operate (Surface)
Talents: Resistance: Fear, Street Fighting, Air of Authority or Peer (Nobility)
Wounds: -1 starting Wound
Fluency: fluent in Low Gothic, but cannot read and write it since it’s beneath them
Duty and Honor: -10 on Charm, Inquiry, and Deceive tests vs. commoners and +10 on the same vs. the wealthy and those with authority
Abundant Resources: +10 squad Logistics rating, +20 (total) to Logistics for fuel and supplies for the sentinel
Favored weapons: Boltgun, missile launcher

Standard Kit:
One Sentinel Scout Walker per squad (Assault loadout)
One advanced medikit per squad
Good craftsmanship mono sword
4 charge packs
2 frag grenades
2 smoke grenades
Imperial guard flak armor
Poor weather gear
Basic tools
Mess kit and canteen
Blanket and sleep bag
Rechargeable lamp pack
Grooming kit
Cognomen tags
Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer
Four weeks’ best quality rations

Scintilla's 1st

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