Reshia's Chosen

Reshia’s Chosen

The temperate shrine world of Reshia is the destination of millions of pilgrims each year, but it is those who choose to stay who show the strongest faith in the God-Emperor. Along with cathedrals, abbeys, and convents, Reshia is home to an orphanage of the Schola Progenium, where the children of heroes who have passed on are born and raised. They are taught the arts of war from a young age, and those who prove themselves worthy find themselves following in their parents’ footsteps as soldiers of the Imperium.

This unit has yet to be tested against any serious foes, but Col. Strathcona has been mindful to train his soldiers about the need for constant vigilance. As a result, members of this regiment have excelled during wargames aboard the Tartarus en route to the Spinward Front.

Characteristics: +3 to Perception, +3 to either Ballistic Skill or Weapon Skill
Skills: Common Lore (Imperial Guard), Common Lore (Imperium), Common Lore (War), Linguistics (High Gothic, Low Gothic), Awareness
Talents: Air of Authority or Unshakeable Faith, Paranoia, Combat Sense
Aptitude: Toughness
Wounds: +1 starting Wound
Favored weapons: Plasma gun, heavy flamer

Standard Kit:
One Sentinel Scout Walker per squad (Scout loadout)
M36 Lasgun
2 charge packs
2 frag grenades
Imperial guard flak armor
1 dose of stimm and injector
Poor weather gear
Basic tools
Mess kit and canteen
Blanket and sleep bag
Rechargeable lamp pack
Grooming kit
Cognomen tags
Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer
Two weeks rations

Reshia's Chosen

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