Character Creation

Repeated Aptitudes, Skills, and Talents

It is possible that a character will gain an aptitude, skill, or talent from his or her regiment and get it again from his or her specialization (class). Here are the rules for that situation:

Repeated aptitude: If a PC gains an aptitude (such as Toughness) from the regiment and gets it again from the specialty, the PC gains the aptitude once and may replace the second occurrence with another aptitude named after a characteristic (such as Ballistic Skill).

Repeated Skill: If a PC gains the same skill twice, he or she gains the next level of that skill to replace the second occurrence (If a PC gained Athletics from the regiment and Athletics again from the specialization, he or she would begin play with Athletics at +10).

Repeated Talent: If a PC gains the same talent from his or her regiment and specialization, he or she gets the talent and also gains 100 experience points to spend.

Generating Characteristics

For your starting characteristics—Weapon Skill (WS), Ballistic Skill (BS), Strength (S), Toughness (T), Agility (AG), Intelligence (INT), Perception (PER), Willpower (WP), and Fellowship (FEL), use cyrnus’ dice roller, found here:

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Roll 2d10+20 eleven times and ignore the lowest two results. Distribute the remaining scores among your characteristics as you see fit. Finally, adjust your scores according to the modifiers from your regiment and specialization.

Wounds, Fate, and Spending Experience

Each specialization lists starting wounds for characters of that class (something like 8+1d5). Instead of rolling, take the maximum for your specialization, and then adjust that number according to the modifier from your regiment.

Each character begins play with 3 Fate points.

Guardsmen characters (heavy gunner, medic, operator, sergeant, or weapon specialist) get 600 experience points to spend.
Support specialists (commissar, ministorum priest, ogryn, ratling, sanctioned psyker, storm trooper, or tech-priest enginseer) get 300 experience points to spend.

Starting Gear

If a specialization grants a PC a heavy or basic (rifle-length) ranged weapon, the player must choose between that weapon and the regiment’s standard weapon. All other weapons accrued from a specialization are gained in addition to the regimental weapon.

Likewise, if a specialization grants a PC armor, the player must choose between that armor and the standard regimental armor.

Character Creation

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